[4] Triple F vs. Shane Saunders SD

Video #4: Triple F vs. Shane Saunders (Standard Definition)

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Here it is!!! LRW Wrestling Super-Star Champion Fratboy Francis Franklin (aka "Triple F") defends the federation from a hostile corporate takeover attempt by "Hollywood" Shane Saunders and Underground Championship Wrestling!!!
The Living Room Wrestling site is decorated wall-to-wall with Ryan Kidd memorabilia (a blatant attempt to inspire Triple F and antagonize Hollywood Shane). The special guest referee is none other than Cameron Murphy -- Shane's most recent LRW opponent. The deck would seem to be stacked against the brash UCW star.
However, Saunders possesses a wealth of underground wrestling experience. Will Triple F, our federation's controversial champion, be able to use psychological gamesmanship to match skills with the UCW interloper? If Shane is triumphant, he has promised to defend the LRW Wrestling Super-Star Championship belt exclusively in UCW Wrestling videos. The future of LRW Wrestling is at stake in this match!!!
This video, our fourth presentation, is thirteen minutes and forty-three seconds long. That includes the wrestler introductions, the actual match, and a post-match interview with the winner (the loser was unavailable for comment).
Remember, if LRW's wily Fratboy cannot defeat the UCW stalwart, this could be the last video we'll ever produce!!! Don't delay -- download today!!!

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