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Video #5: Triple F vs Joltin' Juke Jason (High Definition)

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Jealous Rage Toward An Aspiring Teen Idol...
In this, our fifth video production, LRW Wrestling Super-Star Champion Fratboy Francis Franklin (aka "Triple F") displays a previously repressed sadistic streak. The Fairfield County elitist exhibits total contempt for young Joltin' Juke Jason, the small town Connecticut boy with dreams of singer/songwriter stardom. The popularity of the fresh faced teenager drives the erratic LRW champion to conduct himself in an absolutely reprehensible manner, behaving like one of the most despicable "heels" typically featured in Philadelphia's underground wrestling scene.
"Live Your Life" -- Jason's own musical composition, which he himself recorded and performed -- is the rookie wrestler's entrance music. The lyrics are inspirational ("This is your life / This is the fight you're about to win...") and Jason steps onto the mat with an air of carefree innocence. By contrast, "Triple F" appears distracted and unfocused as he makes his entrance, actually dropping the LRW Wrestling Super-Star Championship belt during the intros. Could this be a foreshadowing of future events?
For "Triple F", this title defense isn't a game of chess to be played against a worthy opponent (e.g., Shane Saunders); this is an opportunity to punish an upstart -- a community college freshman with no wrestling experience who, in the champion's estimation, has no chance of emerging victorious. In this match, "Triple F" gives free reign to his overbearing, bullying nature.
This electrifying video is twenty minutes and fifteen seconds long. That includes the 10 minute, 28 second actual match (along with wrestler introductions), plus two, approximately 5-minute, postmatch interviews (both wrestlers were available for comment this time).
Will "Triple F" teach a harsh lesson to the callow youth, or will Joltin' Juke Jason score one of the most stunning upsets in underground wrestling history??? Don't delay -- download today!!!

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