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Video #2: Triple F vs Nathaniel Noel (High Definition)

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It's affluent Fairfield County, Connecticut vs. rustic Nashua, New Hampshire as the reigning LRW Wrestling Super-Star Champion, Fratboy Francis Franklin (aka "Triple F") takes on big, strong, wholesome Nathaniel Noel in our second video offering.
Prior to this match, I had told Nathaniel to study Triple F's match against Kyle O'Connor, and pay close attention to the manner in which the Fratboy dictated the pace of that match. As a result, Nathaniel told me that he planned to grind Triple F into the mat, maintain holds for lengthy periods, and focus on attaining a pin or submission.
Therefore, it surprised me when, once again, Triple F seemed successful in manipulating his opponent into wrestling his style of fast-paced grappling. Instead of sticking to his plan, Nathaniel frequently applied and released holds, returned to a neutral position, and then attempted a new series of maneuvers -- a strategy designed to gain a point advantage, but not conducive to defeating a slender wrestler with proven stamina like Franklin.
However, what amazed me about this match was the fact that Nathaniel -- the larger, heavier wrestler -- actually seemed to have even better cardiovascular conditioning than Triple F. Early in the match, it becomes obvious that the fast pace is wearing Triple F down while Nathaniel remains as energetic as ever.
Truthfully, Nathaniel dominates this encounter. It's an exhausting struggle, with Triple F gasping for breath and Nathaniel's untanned, Northern New England flesh reddened. By my count, Nathaniel attempts two pins and Triple F forces three mandatory breaks by slithering out of bounds while in Nathaniel's clutches. (You'll notice that, in this match, the wrestlers are instructed to clearly articulate, "Out of bounds. Break!" when the point of control moves outside the mat's circular parameter.)
Does Nathaniel become the new LRW Wrestling Super-Star Champion? Well, download the video and find out! All I will tell you is that pro wrestling elements do come into play -- that includes Nathaniel's Sleeper Hold, Triple F's frat paddle, the secret "neutralizer" for the paddle that Nathaniel mentioned in his interview...and all sorts of post-match shenanigans...

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