[1] Triple F vs Kyle O'Connor HD

Video #1: Triple F vs Kyle O'Connor (High Definition)

See this titanic struggle in High Definition -- a 1920 x 1080, 1.75 GB video in the PC-friendly .wmv format

Yes, people -- it's time to get happy!!! Now, for a mere $13.99, you can download the High Definition version of LRW Wrestling's first match -- the classic battle between Kyle O'Connor and Fratboy Francis Franklin (aka "Triple F") for the prestigious LRW Wrestling Super-Star Championship!!!
So don't hesitate -- here's your chance to see "Triple F" before he had facial hair, demonstrating his true character (or lack thereof) in a contest of athletic skill against wholesome Cali jock Kyle O'Connor. As the Fratboy readies himself for his first title defense against the Pride of New Hampshire, Nathaniel Noel, check out this high quality vid and judge for yourself whether or not "Triple F" has what it takes to be YOUR champion!!!

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USD 13.99

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