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Video #7: Kurt Mendelsohn Vs Joshua Lonergan (High Definition)

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Kurt Mendelsohn is a monster. Standing at 6'2" tall and weighing a rock solid 170 lbs., Kurt is one of the most physically intimidating wrestlers ever to join the LRW Wrestling roster.
In Video #6, Sean Evans graced LRW Wrestling with a spirited performance that surprised even grizzled mat observers like Ringside at Skull Island's Blogger Joe, but (alas) Kurt's 3" height advantage and (more importantly) his 30 lb. weight advantage proved too much for young Sean to overcome.
After Sean's heartbreaking loss to Kurt, we searched for an heroic wrestler who possessed the size and strength to provide Kurt with some serious competition -- a powerfully built "face" who could deliver a richly deserved comeuppance to our Bostonian "heel."
In Joshua Lonergan, Kurt Mendelsohn may finally have met his match. Kurt does have a 4" height advantage over Joshua. However, Joshua packs 174 lbs. of solid muscle onto his 5'10" frame, and that could make all the difference in this encounter! Anyone who has seen Joshua's physique knows that Kurt will have a difficult time manhandling this former New Hampshire farm boy (and ex-army paratrooper). Furthermore, during Joshua's introductory interview, our young hero expressed a visceral dislike for Kurt, and a disgust for Mendelsohn's treatment of Sean Evans in our last video presentation.
"Retribution" seems to be the name of the game in Video #7, since Sean Evans has been tabbed as referee for this battle. Sean is expected to call the match in a fair and impartial manner, but he obviously will have very little patience with Kurt's rule breaking. The presence of a strict, no-nonsense referee could place Mr. Mendelsohn at a distinct disadvantage.
Will Kurt score a victory over Joshua, forcing LRW Wrestling to give the tatted-up hooligan a shot at the prestigious LRW Wrestling Super-Star Championship title belt (currently held by the controversial Fratboy Francis Franklin aka "Triple F") or will All-American muscleboy Joshua Lonergan derail the Boston Express and silence Kurt's boasts of invincibility? Check out LRW Wrestling Video #7 and find out!!!
This extremely fast-paced video is 11 minutes and 18 seconds long. That includes the 8 minute, 39 second actual match (along with wrestler introductions), plus a brief, postmatch interview with each combatant.

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