[9] Masked WhoDat Vs Hayden Beaulieu SD

Video #9: Masked WhoDat Vs Hayden Beaulieu (Standard Definition)

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In Video #9, haughty Hayden Beaulieu finally gets what's coming to him -- in a no-disqualification, no-submission, no-time-limit match against the sinister Masked Who Dat? from the mysterious Bywater area of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana!!!
In our last video presentation, Sean Evans laid down to give his "bro" Hayden a cheap victory, and LRW Wrestling was forced to market an embarrassingly short match. This video, however, lasts a long (far too long for Hayden) 23 minutes and 48 seconds -- 18 minutes and 46 seconds devoted to ring intros and the actual match plus 5 minutes and 2 seconds of post-match chaos and mayhem!!!
(Video #9 is actually the second part of LRW Wrestling's tribute to David Lynch's cult classic, "Blue Velvet" -- and the Masked Who Dat? certainly portrays the Frank Booth character accurately!!!)
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