[10] Sean Evans Vs Adam Nowak SD

Video #10: Sean Evans Vs Adam Nowak (Standard Definition)

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In this, our tenth video presentation, LRW Wrestling returns to its original concept: athletic competition between photogenic males. Don't expect any pro wrestling style theatrics or homages to Hollywood cult classics in this video. Just expect two highly competitive young men engaged in an evenly matched struggle. If perspiration and straining muscles are your thing, this video is for you.
Actually, it was young Adam Nowak, the Polish immigrant rookie making his LRW debut, who insisted on a purely athletic endeavor. We obliged, and we're glad that we did. Sean Evans rose to the occasion, and we ended up producing a match similar to a Movimus video (which was how we envisioned LRW Wrestling when we first began, with the "Triple F" vs. Kyle O'Connor match in 2015).
Of course, the stakes are high in this match; the winner goes on to meet the wrestler who has held our championship title since that aforementioned, very first match-up -- Fratboy Francis Franklin aka "Triple F" (the entitled young gentleman from the posh environs of Fairfield County, Connecticut).
Both Adam and Sean throw everything they have into this match; you can gauge their intensity by studying their facial expressions. In the end, both wrestlers are exhausted, but the more exhausted of the two falls victim to a clean, legal pin at the hands of his more resilient opponent. There are no shortcuts and no illegal maneuvers -- just a grueling bout that concludes only two minutes short of our established, 15-minute time limit. The loser is understandably disappointed, but gracious in defeat.
The actual match (along with two brief ring introductions) lasts 13 minutes, 2 seconds (so the emphasis in this video is definitely on wrestling, not show business). Both wrestlers were available for post-match interviews, bringing this video to a total length of 19 minutes, 14 seconds.

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