[12] Sean Evans Vs. Peter O'Rourke HD

Video #12: Sean Evans Vs. Peter O'Rourke (High Definition)

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Here it is...the long awaited title match between our newly crowned LRW Wrestling Super-Star Champion, "The Sandman" Sean Evans (master of the sleeper hold) and the muscular LRW newcomer, Peter O'Rourke (a certified Pilates instructor and national yoga champion)!!!
This is actually one of the most evenly matched encounters that LRW Wrestling has ever presented, and either competitor could come out of this back-and-forth battle with a title win!!!
Champion Sean Evans will rely on his wealth of underground wrestling experience to successfully defend his belt, but neophyte Peter O'Rourke (a fanatic when it comes to physical conditioning) is clearly not intimidated. As a matter of fact, midway through the match, Peter employs a brilliant psychological ploy which turns the tide of the contest!!!
This 20 minute, 52 second video consists of 1 minute and 57 seconds of pre-match ring introductions, 14 minutes and 39 seconds of actual wrestling, and 4 minutes, 16 seconds featuring post-match interviews with both combatants!!! (NOTE: During the wrestling portion, there is a 1 minute, 12 second break in the action due to a rules controversy. Also, we do have fun utilizing animations and visual effects during the early portion of this video, but not to such a degree that it distracts from the action of the match.)
Will Sean Evans (sporting a shorter, darker hairstyle and some fresh ink, by the way) be successful in his first-ever LRW Wrestling Super-Star Championship title defense, or will Peter O'Rourke become the new standard bearer for our federation? Buy the video of this hotly contested mat war and find out for yourself!!!

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