[3] Shane Saunders vs Cameron Murphy HD

Video #3: Shane Saunders vs Cameron Murphy (High Definition)

The HIGH DEFINITION, 1.87 GB, 1920 x 1080 version of this 22 minute video in the PC-friendly .wmv format (which includes the pre-match intros, the actual match, and the post-match interviews) for a mere $13.99

This video taught me that refereeing was a tougher job than I imagined. After reviewing this match, it became obvious to me that I should have done certain things differently.
However, hindsight is 20/20 and initially I hadn't taken into account the emotional nature of my two fellow Cancerians wrestling on the mat nor the testosterone levels of two young guys engaged in a hotly contested athletic endeavor.
Specifically, I made three major mistakes.
First off, there was a series of potentially dangerous maneuvers that were clear in the video, but which I completely missed while refereeing, due to the fact that I was out of position and the action was shielded from my view.
Secondly, I lost track of the time. According to LRW rules, matches are supposed to end after 15 minutes, and that includes mat intros. However, I had to stop the match three times. Once because one of the wrestlers had started complaining about feeling pain after a botched maneuver and he seemed prone to retaliate on his opponent. Once due to an out-of-bounds whistle. Once due to an elbow in the face (which may have been the postponed retaliation). Thanks to all of these interruptions, timekeeping went awry.
Thirdly, the match ended in a manner which was technically not in keeping with the LRW rules; however, with all of the chaos and anarchy in this match, I'm not sure that adherence to such a minute point would have been advisable anyway.
The manner in which the action progressed during this match was totally unexpected. I often view myself as a father figure to the LRW wrestlers -- but an indulgent one, not a strict one -- and that didn't serve me well in my officiating role. Fortunately, there were no serious repercussions, and we seem to have created a fairly intense video.
Enjoy the match, people!!!

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